MICBAM have released their second single Script with a full-length music video now available to watch below! The single is available in two editions with edition A including two tracks and a bonus DVD of the music video for Script; and edition B including only the CD with three tracks.

Script has not shied away from including multiple effects and styles in one song; with electronic vocals and screams, heavy guitar riffs, and a bouncy catchy chorus; this is a song with a rhythm that can easily become an earworm. So just give it one listen and it may have a lasting impression for you too.

Some of you might recognize the band but not the name; MICBAM originally formed in December 2016 under the name NIL UNDER RAIN but decided to rebrand in June 2018 under their current name MICBAM. We have not only seen a name change but also a slight change in direction with their style and sound—we hope they have taken a step closer to what they want to achieve with this rebrand.

Check out MICBAM’s first single, Occultism (オカルディズム), with this visual lyric video:

MICBAM’s new look for single release “Script”

Script (スクリプト)

Edition A


  1. Script (スクリプト)
  2. Value


  1. Script (スクリプト) music video

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Edition B


  1. Script (スクリプト)
  2. Value
  3. 壊㒵

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