LAPLUS will release their first album RE-CREATION on April 17 with a total of ten tracks! The tracklist includes songs such as Mugen ni Kieta Tsubasa wa Sajou ni Utau, Night Drive, and Mr.PRAYER, taken from their first digital mini-album HAKUMEI, as well as single Stardust Regret and its b-side track HIDE&SEEK.

The band has also revealed the music video for the first track from the album story, presenting an airy feel with its soaring guitars, poppy composition, and use of day and night time imagery.

This is interlaced with the band’s performance in a white room as vocalist Yuki expresses his all, while drummer satoshi clenches his teeth as he hits away.

If you haven’t noticed already, guitarist Takuya and bassist Ryuichi are missing as they left after their Shibuya REX performance on November 29 and so the band has since been using support members.

Due to this, RE-CREATION will use the talents of former GUILD guitarist YOSHIHIRO, former Lc5 guitarist Yumeji, bassist Ryosuke from 7DAY PAPARAZZI, keyboardist and programmer kazzmi arai, and WHITEHEAD programmer and drummer Ookuma Kunio.

You can also check out their lyric video for Stardust Regret created by UNiTE’s drummer Sana and artist photo’s for RE-CREATION.

Artist photo for “RE-CREATION”



  1. story
  2. Yami ni Period(闇にピリオド)
  3. Amefuri Rondo (雨降りロンド)
  4. ‘Mugen ni Kieta Tsubasa wa Sajou ni Utau’ (「夢幻に消えた翼は砂上に歌う」)
  5. Night Drive
  6. Slyvia
  7. Hidamari no Yakusoku~Anogorokun to Atsumeta Kotonoha ni Tsutsumarete~ (ひだまりの約束~あの頃君と集めた言の葉につつまれて~)
  8. Hoshikuzu Regret (星屑リグレット)
  10. Mr.PRAYER

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