Codomo Dragon just dropped their fourth full album Tegura Magura on March 13 and gifted us with a visually stunning music video for its leading track DOUBT for all those undecided visual kei fans out there.

All scenes in the music video were shot in a single room decorated as some sort of experimental lab enlightened in neon colors. This shows some gory imagery such as vocalist Hayato’s guts while being operated on. It alternates with images of multiple people directly picking his organs apart with bare hands. The rest of the video shows the band performing while surrounded by people with their bodies covered in paint.

The song features a variety of Hayato’s vocal abilities spanning from clean singing to different types of screaming. The dark atmosphere of the instrumentation along the music video makes the song even heavier. We can hear a lot of distortion effects in the guitar of a multitasking Yume who is now playing the lead and rhythm roles in Kana’s abscence. Many songs in the band’s discography are carried from the back, the drummer position, and DOUBT is no exception. Chamu’s drumming is explosive when it comes to fast-paced songs.


What do you think of Codomo Dragon’s DOUBT? Have a listen to the rest of the album if you enjoyed the song. It also comes with previous singles Toge, Kono Sekai Owari da, Dokumushi, DIRTYxDIRTY, and Sousou.

Tegura Magura

Regular edition type b


  1. Tegura Magura (テグラマグラ)
  2. Toge (棘)
  3. Kare Kare (彼彼)
  4. DOUBT
  5. Kono Sekai wa Owari da. (この世界は終わりだ。)
  6. Sairen (サイレン)
  7. Gakkyuu Houkai (学級崩壊)
  8. Dokumushi (毒虫)
  9. En Shitsu (嚥失)
  10. DIRTYxDIRTY (album ver.)
  11. hate
  12. Sousou (album ver.) (想葬)

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Limited edition type a


  1. Tegura Magura (テグラマグラ)
  2. Toge (棘)
  3. Kare Kare (彼彼)
  4. DOUBT
  5. Kono Sekai wa Owari da. (この世界は終わりだ。)
  6. Sairen (サイレン)
  7. Dokumushi (毒虫)
  8. En Shitsu (嚥失)
  9. DIRTYxDIRTY (album ver.)
  10. hate
  11. Sousou (album ver.) (想葬)


  1. Tegura Magura music video and making of

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