On January 5, we posted an article about the missing guitarist Kana from Comodo Dragon. The band have issued an update on Twitter today to say that they’ve not yet met him in person, but have received a handwritten letter from Kana apologizing and requesting to leave the band. The band have stated that they will not take any drastic changes or decisions until they have spoken to him in person.

We’re relieved to have heard a response and wish the band and Kana can come to an amicable solution.

Update with translated comments:

Kana’s case is worrying us all, but we have been able to confirm that Kana himself is safe, so we inform all of you about that.

Yesterday, we received from himself a handwritten letter.
Regarding its content, Kana wrote that with his current condition it is difficult for him to continue music, so he asked to leave the band.

Regarding the band and the office, we strongly hope to meet him and talk to him in person and then we want to make our decision about what will happen in the future.

Things being what they are, we want to continue to wait until Kana’s current condition is fixed and we won’t take until any special measure until we can have a direct talk with him.

About the schedule currently planned, we won’t announce anything until we are able to have a talk with Kana himself.
We will continue for the time being what is planned in fours.

We are sorry for the worries and troubles we cause you, but we ask for your understanding.

Credits translations to Marie-ange Verdier.

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