MERRY joined in with the Christmas festivities in 2018 as they released digital single sheeple on December 24!

This consisted of the intense and punchy sheeple with its uplifting and slower chorus. The preview alone doesn’t give you a great sense of what it sounds like so do buy if you get the opportunity to!

sheeple itself is a derogatory combination of the words: sheep and people. It references a group of people who are easily led, like a herd of sheep, by authority.

In relation to its release, the band will take their tour titled Merry ONE MAN TOUR 2019 ‘for Japanese sheeple’ around Japan in May—holding the final performance at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall.

Before that, however, they will embark on a two-man tour in March titled Merry 2MAN TOUR ‘Chimimouryou’ performing with the likes of defspiral, Psycho le Cému, MUCC, Metronome, and DEZERT.

If you happen to not have iTunes, check out the preview below along with their most recent artist photos and tour dates!

Merry 2MAN TOUR ‘Chimimouryou 2019’

March 2 (Sat) Okayama YEBIS YA PRO w/ defspiral
March 3 (Sun) Nagoya THE BOTTOM LINE w/ Psycho le Cému
March 7 (Thu) Misono Universe w/ MUCC
March 9 (Sat) Kobe Harbor Studio w/ Metronome
March 21 (Thu) Sendai CLUB JUNKBOX w/ DEZERT
March 22 (Fri) Takasaki club FLEEZ w/ DEZERT

Merry ONE MAN TOUR 2019 ‘for Japanese sheeple’

May 5 (Sun) Sendai CLUB JUNKBOX
May 6 (Mon) Takasaki club FLEEZ
May 10 (Fri) Nagoya THE BOTTOM LINE
May 11 (Sat) Misono Universe
May 25 (Tue) Okayama YEBIS YA PRO
May 26 (Wed) Kobe Habor Studio

Merry ONE MAN TOUR 2019 ‘for Japanese sheeple’ -FINAL-

June 14 (Fri) Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall


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