Develop One’s Faculties are here to rock your socks off again as they will release single Borderline on June 27! This single will have three songs in total and with a song preview trailer now up, we are able to analyse each track!

The first song, Borderline, is a rock song that’s bound to get you swaying and moving your hands up and down by the time asserter yuya starts rapping. The style of rapping drawing parallels with Rontgen from second album, Bukkako na Machi to Boku to Kimi, and a bassline to match Negative Baby from first album reincarnation.

This allows a fluid transition into the next track, titled Blow Jazz, which sounds similar to are you ready…? from the mini-album I WANT MY FREEDOM.

Then we have the final track, Fubyoudou, which has a similar essence to songs like REAL=, Zannen na Uta, Semeru, Unintelligible, Mura, and this is Geijutsu, to name a few. This aggressively cool funk rock attitude that Develop have established over these last few years is very much alive and kicking in this track!

Check the preview trailer along with their new artist photos for Borderline below!

Borderline (ボーダーライン)


  1. Borderline (ボーダーライン)
  2. Blow Jazz
  3. Fubyoudou no Shukuzu (不平等の縮図)

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