In a collaboration with the Japanese high-tech college HAL, Reol delivered her latest digital single, Saisaki, on May 16.

The new song Saisaki by Reol is in collaboration with the high-tech college HAL for their new commercial, promoting the school’s cutting-edge learning environment. For that reason, Reol accommodated the song with an upbeat and positive attitude, as well as snatching some of those funky beats! This is to appeal with a song that encourages growth—life experience—which fits in line with the school’s general direction.

Reol also left a suitable comment directed towards the younger folks who are still undecided on their future plans. She mentioned (and we interpreted it as) how we’re all just mortals, not knowing if we’ll be able to make a dent in this world—to leave a legacy behind, and how the journey itself defines its beauty. Then ending the message by saying “wherever you and I are heading, may we continue towards a blessed future”.

Besides composing the song, Reol made sure to take charge of the composition of the CD artwork as well, which displays a pair of shoes with red flowers in them (in reality, the flowers were green).

Artwork of single “Saisaki”

Make sure to have a listen to the new song digitally either by getting it on iTunes, or stream it via Spotify or Apple Music! And don’t forget to watch the commercial where the song Saisaki is featured.

If this piqued your interest in HAL, it is worth mentioning that the school also collaborated with Aimer, and MY FIRST STORY in the past which you can check out in our previous coverages.

Saisaki (サイサキ)


  1. Saisaki

Buy at iTunes, Google Play Music (Japan) or recochoku (Japan)

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