SCAPEGOAT celebrate their ninth anniversary this year and for the occasion, are releasing a commemorative collection album titled Shokuzai no Yagi on April 25!

It will consist of 15 songs in total and contains venue-limited songs such as scar-let, which goes as far back as 2011. Then there is mad day’Sick rain from Akaban, which has an apostrophe rather than a comma in the song name, while Gothic†Nightmare is from Kuroban. One other song, deletion scene, from EXPLOSION SHOWCASE, a SHOXX magazine omnibus, makes an appearance along with a rerecording of Meisou Twilight. Take note that type B to D of their single Konsui also has some of their other past material. See their most recent artist photos below!

Shokuzai no Yagi


  1. Kimi o Koroshite Boku mo Shinu (Uso) (君を殺して僕も死ぬ (嘘))
  2. Konsui (昏睡)
  3. Psycho na Bansan (昏睡)
  4. Konsui (昏睡)
  6. Gothic†Nightmare (ゴシック†ナイトメア)
  7. mad day’Sick rain
  8. Kyozetzu (拒絶)
  9. Kimi no “Shinzou” ni Koishiteru (君ノ”心臓”ニ恋シテル)
  10. deletion noise
  11. scar-let
  12. Meisou Twilight (Re-recording) (迷走トワイライト (再録))
  13. Akai Bathroom (赤いバスルーム)
  14. Kokuhaku_Tokidoki, Ame (告白_時々、雨)
  15. Haruka Monochrome (ハルカ・モノクロ)

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