Meet Lamiya (ラミヤ), a visual kei band that started activities about one year ago. The band consists of vocalist Siyu, guitarist n (Nuu), guitarist Yu and drummer Reito. Up until now, they have released two singles, and on March 23, their first mini-album called Marionette Overture!

Coming in one version, Marionette Overture contains five tracks including Puppet which has already been released as a single along with the music video for it in February. In the video, which you can find below along with their newest artist photos, we can see the members playing in a somewhat rundown house and moving like puppets here and there. Moreover, they are mainly dressed in dark clothing with Siyu wearing more formal, trimly clothes than the others. Slightly contrasting the dim venue of the video and their mainly black outfits, Lamiya’s rock music features a pleasantly melodic way of singing occasionally accompanied by classic instruments which is definitely worth a listen!

We are looking forward to Lamiya’s next project and hope you are going to support them as well! Check out their new video and feel free to tell us your opinion!

Marionette Overture

Regular edition


  2. Puppet
  3. Masquerade
  4. Nocturne to odoru koumorigasa (ノクターンと踊る蝙蝠傘)
  5. 「End of story・・」

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