Labaiser has recently revealed a music video for their third single Chi no Meitei (血ノ酩酊) which is on sale since March 28. New artist photos have been also unveiled!

Labaiser’s new song brings a very dark atmosphere and fast-paced instrumental with distorted guitars. The piece is full of growls and crazy laughs by vocalist Saya who can be seen with his hands covered in blood. The single is now available in one edition containing the three tracks and a DVD with the music video for the title track. Check out the music video below and let us know what you think:

Chi no Meitei (血ノ酩酊)

Regular edition

  1. Chi no Meitei (血ノ酩酊)
  2. Necro Parade (ネクロ・パレェド)
  3. Kagayai Kyoukai-sen ni te Kuriyoseta Yume no Zangai (赫い境界線に手繰り寄せた夢の残骸)


  1. Chi no Meitei (血ノ酩酊) music video

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