MEJIBRAY fans, rejoice! Koichi’s return onto the scene finally has an exact date stamped on it, and Tsuzuku will be jumping on board; the two have announced the launch of a new project, called 8P-SB, on June 18, 2018.

Are you as excited as we are? From the current state of promotional material released it is yet unclear whether 8P-SB is a band or a different kind of project, but none the less; it is something we can look forward to.

After the sudden announcement at the end of 2017 that Koichi and Tsuzuku would be leaving their company after their contract ended, the two have, to a point, fallen off the map for a while.

Koichi initially deleted all content from his social media accounts; he resurfaced in January under the new name Koichi Niiyama (understandably assumed to be his real name). In the very first picture published on his new Instagram account on January 11, Koichi is shown getting his long ponytail cut off by a man identified by fans to be Tsuzuku, and has a long message written down his entire back in clear display.

At the end of the message, Koichi asks his fans to wait to see him again in June. It appears now that he has truly kept his promise.

The teaser video published all across the new project’s social media shows Koichi to still be sporting the message to his fans written on his back. Do you think it just might actually be permanently tattooed on? That would be some dedication to one’s craft for sure…

You can watch the ominous but tranquil-looking teaser trailer below.

As of now, the comment section of the video on YouTube is overflowing with supportive comments—seems that everybody is glad to have the guys back.

After MEJIBRAY officially went on hiatus, the members were scattered about. Meto is performing under the new name Yutarou (由太郎) and MiA is taking part in a number of projects as a support guitarist. We are very glad to see Tsuzuku and Koichi come back with their own project as well!

Will you be waiting excitedly to see what comes of 8P-SB? What are your predictions? What about the writing on Koichi’s back? Let us know while we wait, and make sure to follow 8P-SB on their new social media accounts listed down below!

More info:
Twitter (8P-SB)
Twitter (Koichi)
Instagram (8P-SB)
Instagram (Koichi)
YouTube (8P-SB)

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