It has been revealed on December 31 by MEJIBRAY’s management that bassist Koichi and vocalist Tsuzuku have terminated their contracts with the company, leaving the future of the band in the balance. This comes after MEJIBRAY announced to be on hiatus back in May of 2017.

This message was posted on the band’s website, which you can read below:


We are very grateful to everyone who’d usually support MEJIBRAY.

This time we want to inform you that the contract binding our company’s artists Tsuzuku and Koichi to our company has ended on December 31, 2017.

Fans who have supported them until now, staff, we would be happy if you’d continue to kindly watch over their activities from now on.

Many fans are confused as to whether this means that by leaving the management they have also left the band, or if this means MEJIBRAY is closer to disbanding altogether. The band’s website still has Koichi’s and Tsuzuku’s profiles untouched, but even more confusion has arisen in the form of a session band formed by Meto in which he will take the role of vocalist under the name of Yutaro, which has led some to think that Meto has moved on from Mejibray and onto other projects. This, of course, is only speculation by fans.

For now, all of Koichi’s social media accounts have been made inaccessible. His Twitter account was made private, and his Instagram account has deleted all posts and pictures in it.

With too many unknowns in this situation, fans’ best bet is to wait for official confirmation from either the members or staff.

More info:
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