The recent broadcast of Dragon Ball Super episode 130 on March 18 is leaving us with the last episode of the “Universal Survival” arc to come as the fight draws near to see which universe will avoid eradication. We’ll try our best not to spoil anything, but if you have not watched 130, we recommend you do so now!

As the series will be ending soon, we wanted to recap on the songs of Dragon Ball Super and found that on February 28, Toei Animation and Columbia Records released Dragon Ball Super: Super Theme Song Collection to celebrate the best opening and closing themes. The final ending theme for the series LAGRIMA by ONEPIXEL, will not be on this album but has already been released as a single on March 7 which you can listen to below:

Dragon Ball Super has a great selection of motivational and positive rock theme songs, so let’s go ahead and cover the songs on this album. Starting with the very first opening theme featured on this album, we have Chouzetsu ☆ Dynamic! by Kazuya Yoshii, and the accompanying ending theme Hello Hello Hello by Good Morning America.

Starring Star by KEYTALK, and a lighter and more mature track by LACCO TOWER titled Light Pin come after the two dynamic tracks.

Forever Dreaming by Czecho No Republic is a poppy anthem, followed by Easy-Going Dance by Batten Showjo Tai features cute girl idols in the kitchen from the fourth and fifth ending.

The delicious fried rice inspired song Chahan Music by Arukara (アルカラ) marches us onto the sixth ending and straight onto the next song An Evil Angel and Righteous Devil by THE COLLECTORS. This video featuring a sad looking soldier on a bench is arguably the most serious and dark amongst this collection.

More recently, fans will remember Limit-Break x Survivor by Kiyoshi Hikawa starring an amazing guitar solo and his epic voice that can get your blood pumping. This interestingly is one of the two intro themes on this release.

A poppier tune amongst this list is Boogie Back by Miyu Inoue which is then followed but another LACCO TOWER song, Haruka (遥).

The very last song to wrap up this collection is an insert song for the series “Tournament of Power” which is Ultimate Battle by Akira Kushida, known as “Kussy” to fans—famous for his work on anime and live-action productions.

In world news, this episode saw fans came to together in hoards to watch the stream of the second from the last episode at stadiums, plazas, and parks. The event in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico attracted over 10,000 (yes, it is over 9,000) people to watch a public live-stream hosted by the local government.

Although this series will be parking its activities (with some speculation that it is due for cancellation), we will have a film to look forward to with further information to be announced. This will be the 20th Dragon Ball film, but will also be the very first Dragon Ball Super movie that will pick up the story from where the anime series ends.

The last episode, number 131 will broadcast on March 25. Will you be watching? Let us know your favorite track of this series in the comments below.

Super Theme Song Collection

Regular edition


  1. Chouzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Kazuya Yoshii)
    Dragon Ball Super Opening Theme #1
  2. Hello Hello Hello (Good Morning America)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #1
  3. Starring Star (KEYTALK)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #2
  4. Light Pink (LACCO TOWER)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #3
  5. Forever Dreaming (Czecho No Republic)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #4
  6. Easy-Going Dance (Batten Showjo Tai)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #5
  7. Chahan Music (Arukara)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #6
  8. An Evil Angel and Righteous Devil (THE COLLECTORS)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #7
  9. Limit-Break x Survivor (Kiyoshi Hikawa)
    Dragon Ball Super Opening Theme #2
  10. Boogie Back (Miyu Inoue)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #8
  11. Far Away (LACCO TOWER)
    Dragon Ball Super Ending Theme #9
  12. Ultimate Battle (Akira Kushida)
    “Tournament of Power” Insert Song

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