Takeru is back in action—after parting ways with SuG—with a solo project under the name sleepyhead. His upcoming debut single Yamikumo (闇雲) is now out in the form of a music video.

Takeru previously teased us with pictures of the lunar phase with the copy “13040820 SEC HELL”. The last teaser was a picture of a full moon, coinciding with the super blue blood moon that could be seen on January 31. On this date, the vocalist revealed that he would start a new solo project.

Takeru’s sleepyhead artist photo

sleepyhead is formed by Takeru on vocals and guitars and three support members on bass, drums, and keyboards which identity has not been revealed.

Takeru will commence activities as sleepyhead next month on March 17 with a live show at Tsutaya O-EAST. The single will be distributed at the aforementioned concert and it includes Yamikumo, a B-side and instrumental version of both songs for a total of four tracks.

sleepyhead 「闇雲」

Takeru also opened a new Facebook page and made a brief comment on his current and future activities in English! Watch it below:


Yamikumo (闇雲)


  1. Yamikumo (闇雲)
  2. Kekkyoku (結局)
  3. Yamikumo (闇雲) (Instrumental)
  4. Kekkyoku (結局) (Instrumental)

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