SuG announced yesterday morning that their indefinite hiatus, announced back in July, will end, for they have decided to disband altogether instead.

There will be no last release or live, the disbandment takes effect immediately.

This announcement comes as a shock to fans who hoped to see them back in action, as they had already been together for ten years, including a one year hiatus back in 2012 when they left PSC Company. SuG initially entered hiatus this past September when their 10th anniversary celebrations ended with a concert at Nippon Budokan.

Perhaps this break up isn’t so much of a surprise, though, as their initial messages from July regarding their initial hiatus already had them saying their good-byes and thank yous, including a message from guitarist Yuji stating that he most likely will retire from the industry, explaining he “believe[s] there aren’t any reasons for [him] to stand on the stage anymore, but [he’s] sure there are members of the band who will continue making music, so please continue to show your support!”

The band and their management left a message on Twitter regarding this decision to disband, which you can read below.

Management message

SuG has entered an indefinite hiatus after the Nippon Budokan performance on September 2, 2017.

However, as a result of discussions regarding SuG’s future activities, we have decided for disbandment as of December 20, 2017.

We would like to apologize deeply from the bottom of our hearts for making this sudden announcement, and being unable to resume activities after the indefinite hiatus.

Once again, we would be very happy if you could support the five members in their new activities from here on.

December 20, 2017

FamEntertainment Corporation

Band’s message

We apologize deeply for the repeated/frequent sudden announcement(s).

Regarding the things the members had to say, we have said everything in the indefinite hiatus comments, and at the last live at Budokan.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to all the fans and staff who have supported us over the 10 years from the beginning of our activities until the Nippon Budokan performance.

Thank you for these 10 years.

All members of SuG

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