Experimental Episode 0

Recorded: 2018-01-27

Life moves pretty fast. So fast, in fact, that at times it may be hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest Jrock stories. Fear not, we are well aware of this fact and are once again moving to simplify your life and make Jrock news more accessible.

Enter the JRN Podcast (tentative name). For those on the go or those who want to sit down and have all the juicy stories spoon-fed to them. We’ll use our silky smooth voices along with our radio-perfect faces to deliver the good stuff straight into your skull. This is our first episode which we openly kept at an experimental stage, hopefully that means we can only go up from here? With that said, feel free to leave your feedback!

This month expect to hear a bit more about the talented MIYAVI, DEVILOOF, Kogami, Kamijo, and even uncle visual kei, Seiichi Hoshiko who is also known as Visual Kei Oyaji.

If we continue this segment, we will look into expanding to other typical podcast platforms rather than just YouTube.


  1. MIYAVI announces “DAY2” World Tour 2018 dates for Japan
  2. MIYAVI announces more dates for “DAY2” World Tour 2018
  3. MIYAVI owns the runway at Paris fashion show
  4. Miyavi the Japanese rock god shreds Rockstar
  5. DEVILOOF to release single under Danger Crue’s subsidiary label 9thRecords
  6. BABYMETAL’s backing guitarist, Mikio Fujioka passes away after falling from an observation deck
  7. KAMIJO and Moi-même-Moitié collaborate with Hatsune Miku
  8. KAMIJO reveals details on album “Sang”
  9. The legendary Visual Kei Oyaji, Seiichi Hoshiko
  10. Interviewing the man who coined the term “Visual kei”, Seiichi Hoshiko
  11. Interview: How Seiichi Hoshiko was impacted by hide of X Japan

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  1. Ruin a great band name by changing one word
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