After posting a teaser on Twitter about an “important announcement coming soon”, the guys from DEVILOOF revealed that their new single will be released under 9thRecords! This is a subsidiary record label of Danger Crue Records, the same record label the now-disbanded girugamesh was a part of. We recently also found out that Ryo from ex-girugamesh is in charge of Deviloof’s mixing for their upcoming album.

The band—as well as the label—let us know we can expect the upcoming single to drop this spring, but no other information has been unveiled so far about the single. We will keep you updated as soon as more details are revealed, so keep your eyes peeled for DEVILOOF’s next move.

In the line-up of bands currently managed by 9thRecords we can find A Barking Dog Never Bites and the band REDMAN, led by former girugamesh vocalist Satoshi.

Danger Crue Records is a well-known independent record label thanks to the legacy of great bands they have signed throughout the years, legendary bands such as MUCCSiD, and L’arc en Ciel way back in their early age. Not to forget the bands who used to be a part of Danger Crue but sadly no longer exist today, however, they will without a doubt be remembered. These bands include girugameshD.I.D., DIV, and more. Newer acts such as UNiTECLOWD, and umbrella are currently maintaining the good name of the company.

Update 2017-01-17: The article has been updated to clarify that DEVILOOF is signed under the subsidiary label of Danger Crue Records, and not directly under Danger Crue Records.

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