It was confirmed via their official website that ZERO MIND INFINITY would disband after their final performance on December 27.

This was far from the end though, as four of those members have now formed breakin’ holiday!

It now consists of relatively the same members such as vocalist Juri, guitarist Hiroaki Sakai, bassist Aggy and drummer KAJI minus guitarist John who is no longer part of the lineup.

They will also release their first single, LILITH, which will be available for pre-sale on March 18, the final date of ZEAL LINK presents ‘Spring Short Circuit’ ~SSC 2018 Haru~ tour to be held at Shibuya REX. No other details about the single have been revealed as of yet but they have uploaded a lyric video for LILITH which I have to say, sounds awesome.


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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Juri)
Twitter (Hiroaki Sakai (酒井洋明))
Twitter (Aggy)
Twitter (KAJI)

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