It’s been a little more than a year since bassist Akinori was arrested for marijuana possession, leading to his departure from the band. This saw lynch. abruptly cancel their tour and enter a sudden hiatus.

However, at the bands New Year countdown performance held at Zepp Nagoya, fans were left surprised as it was confirmed that Akinori would be rejoining lynch. at their 13th anniversary performance on March 11!

The short clip below taken from vocalist Hazuki’s Instagram shows Akinori walking onto the stage and into the spotlight while symphonic background music accompanies his presence. He bows for a prolonged amount of time before being handed a bass by former Kuroyume bassist Hitoki and entering the next song, ADORE. There is also a compilation of clips that illustrate the official return of Akinori.

They have also uploaded two new videos, one of them is an extended trailer confirming Akinori’s initiation back into lynch. by adding the subtitle “THE FIVE BLACKEST CROWS” to the 13TH ANNIVERSARY -XIII GALLOWS- trailer. The other is a continuation of THE NITES OF AVANTGARDE tour that adds “A BLØODY REVENGE” to the end of the name. You can also see these two videos below!

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