SuG have announced today on their official website that the band will be going on an indefinite hiatus after celebrating 10 years of activity together. Due to the shocking news, a high amount of traffic was generated to their official website, eventually causing it to crash (we can report that the site is now back online).

The “Heavy Positive Rock” band formed back in 2006 with five members: Takeru on vocals, Masato and Yuji on guitar, bassist Shouta, and drummer Mitsuru. Shouta was later replaced by Chiyu in 2007 and Mitsuru replaced by Shinpei in 2009. SuG’s popularity soared when they joined PS Company’s indie division under Indie PSC alongside other bands BORN, SCREW, and ViViD who have all since disbanded. Moving on in 2010, they signed to major label Pony Canyon. In October 2012, the band announced they would leave PSC and enter on a temporary hiatus which ended on December 2013. In total, they have released five albums, four EP’s and 21 singles over the decade. The band will be on hiatus again after their 10th-anniversary show on September 2, 2017 at the Nippon Budokan—the dream stage for many starting bands.

Official comment

Thank you very much for always supporting SuG. SuG has been active since 2007 but today is the day we announce their indefinite hiatus. With the celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary, it resulted in a repeated discussion with the members and staff on SuG’s future activities. After the Nippon Budokan performance on September 2, 2017, we have decided to cease all activity. We sincerely apologize for the sudden announcement.

Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the fans who have supported the band so far and everyone involved. We would be pleased to see your continuous support for the challenges that the five members may face in the future. Even though we say this many times, thank you very much to everyone who loved SuG.

FamEntertainment Corporation, SuG and all the staff


We did everything we could possibly do, even the things that weren’t possible, we tried it all! Yet, we weren’t able to protect SuG in the end. I am sorry everyone, and at the same time, I feel frustrated towards my own helplessness. For someone who did not have any hope in life, being able to meet this band was my reason to live. Members and fans, if I never encountered you guys, I feel that I could not have lived such irreplaceable days.

And when everything was not going well… A coward like me was able to choose this challenge of all things in search of hope ahead. More than anything, this is all thanks to the fans. Even if I’m weak and torn, I was able to retain strength. I am sincerely grateful that I was able to continue with SuG right up till the end. I may be selfish, but with this limited time, I want to choose to be grateful rather than sorry. This decade was saved by the words and sounds that bore my heart and the thoughts of everyone.

Thank you.



I am so grateful to all of you who have supported SuG over the 10 years.
More than that, I am sorry.

It has been painful, but to have met these member, and to been supported by so many supportive fans, that has been a great motivation for me.
I feel terribly sorry for the fact that we finally reached Budokan, yet there is nothing planned ahead after this.
I look forward playing at Budokan for our anniversary, so it would make me happy if we could all feel the moment together at the venue.

Thank you very much for your support until now,


There are cirumstances unrelated to fans, so I won’t make any excuses and just cut to the chase. I’m sorry!

Personally, I believe there aren’t any reasons for me to stand on the stage anymore, but I’m sure there are members of the band who will continue making music, so please continue to show your support! m(_ _)m

I feel grateful that SuG is able to take on the ultimate challenge of playing our last HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK show at Nippon Budokan.

Let’s face the end with positivity, our last show at Budokan d(¯ ¯)!


I’m really sorry this was announced in such sudden manner. I’ve been pouring 10 years of my life into SuG with everything I had. Although our band was on a break once, it is really painful to lose something that has been on for about a third of my life.

I knew continuing a band under these circumstances is a really hard thing to do, so I tried so hard during these 10 years. However, it is really our inability which led to this choice to take a break. From now on, I don’t know what our life of music will be like, but for all the fans who have supported me, everyone involved, I feel a lot of gratitude for having spent the last 10 years together. Thank you so much!

I’ve encountered, parted, and reunited many times during my musical career. So to everyone who gave me the best 10 years of my life, please look forward to the Budokan show on September 2, 2017.

I promise to make this the best live in the 10 years of SuG!


SUG has been running and facing forward for 10 years.
It’s been eight years since I joined.
We’ve had a lot of hardships leading up to play at Budokan.
I was only able to come this far with the help of a lot of people.
I got to meet the greatest band members, the staff who supported us from behind the scenes, and of course all the fans who has been supporting us.
All of this has become a part of me.
To those who made this all possible, what I have for you is my deepest appreciation. Thank you so much.
This will be the last day for us to take on the stage together with the fans.
This will be where SuG will be peaking and reaching its climactic point.
Let’s cry, laugh, and make it the best day of our lifes.

More info:
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