SCANDAL let fans know several weeks ago that a new album was in the works, yet revealed no information at all, other than it would be released in Spring 2018. A few days ago, however, the “girls’ rock” pioneers dropped a handful of information on said album, including the title, HONEY, and the release date, February 14. Their last album was two years ago, when YELLOW released on March of 2016.

This new album comes with three edition to choose from, a regular and two limited editions, these last two differing on the extras; one comes with a DVD while the other come with a shirt. A new look has also been revealed by the girls, and we continue to see this mature image from them, as the picture portrays them very close to each other with serious and maybe even alluring looks on their faces.

The tracklist still remains a mystery, though we do know that it will include their previous singles, Take Me Out, and Koisuru Universe. We have yet to see what the album artwork will look like as well, but relevant information regarding this artwork (and the shirt including in the limited edition) is that it will be designed in collaboration with AMIAYA, a pop duo consisting of twin sisters.

Will you be purchasing this album? It would sure be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special SCANDAL fan partner of yours, or you can purchase it for yourself and not share it with anyone else. Either choice is acceptable.

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