SCANDAL have announced via Twitter their intentions to release a new album this upcoming Spring, come 2018. A concrete date or album title have not been decided upon, but what has been decided upon is their next nationwide tour! The quartet will be touring for three months starting next March up until May, on a tour that is currently still simply titled “SCANDAL TOUR 2018”.

Given the start date of the tour, which is March 3, it can be speculated that the new album will most likely drop a bit before that, maybe towards the end of February. The name of the tour will most likely also be changed accordingly with the title of the new album once it is revealed.

On lesser news, the band also recently announced that new signature Fender guitar models for Mami, Tomomi, and Haruna had been made, and are up for pre-order at stores nationwide. The band uploaded a group picture with the members holding their respective models… and Rina just holding her drum sticks.

SCANDAL holding their respective Fender signature models.

Are you looking forward to SCANDAL’s new album? I sure am! Their recent singles have been great, so I eagerly anticipate what the girls can do with the current sound they have going on.

More info:
Official Website
Instagram (Rina)
Twitter (Haruna)
Twitter (Mami)
Twitter (Tomomi)
Twitter (Rina)

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