Covered from the neck down in leather and belts, DAMY’s latest music video, Sekai wa Mawaru (世界は回る), has been uploaded to their official YouTube channel. Watch above and let us know what you think of the spooky melody and outfits.

This track is the third on their first mini-album, Kansho Teki Koyakusu (感傷的公約数), that came out on August 2 this year. It contains six tracks and a DVD with the music video and two live recordings.

Sekai wa Mawaru


  1. Towa ni Puppet (永久にパペット)
  2. Kuuhaku (空白)
  3. Sekai wa Mawaru (世界は回る)
  4. Kyogenguse (虚言癖 )
  5. On (蕣)
  6. Kiminisachiare (君に幸あれ)


  1. Kyogenguse (Music video)
  2. Obutsu (Live)
  3. Bokusatsu Samantha (Live) – From January 2017 Ikebukuro EDGE One Man LIVE Ame to Muchi)

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