Welcome to July! We want to congratulate you if you were able to make it out of June with enough change to spare for this month. Take a good look at the list and let us know what you’re most looking forward to this month. As always, thanks for checking out the release schedule; see you again next time!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
05 Various Artist (V.A.) Bloom Kanbai Ongen Shu Vol.1 Mini-album Contains four tracks total. Features VRZEL and DiSPiNA. CDJapan
05 Various Artist (V.A.) Yogenkyo – NAGOYA – vol.1 Owari V Kei Ongen Shu Album Includes tracks by ASTARIA, UNDER FALL JUSTICE, DEVIZE, dexcore, TRA TRA TRA, and Lucifer’s underground. CDJapan
05 Gossip (ゴシップ) Kimi ga no Yo ni…(『君があの世に…』) Single Comes in two editions.
05 Develop One’s Faculties My World Single Info
05 Onmyoza (陰陽座) Karyoubinga (迦陵頻伽) Vinyl 180g LP edition of “Karyoubinga” from Onmyoza. CDJapan
05 SuG AGAKU Single Hip-hop and EDM single created for an American neo-noir action thriller film, John Wick 2. Info
05 Magistina Saga Reingrimonation Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
05 NIA anshia DVD Features their last concert before hiatus. CDJapan
05 GACKT OH!! MY!! GACKT!! Book OH!! MY!! GACKT!! finally comes on a book with over 1,200 pages of columns and essays by the artist. CDJapan
12 Aiolin From Here Single CDJapan
12 Codomo Dragon (Dokumushi) Dokumushi (毒虫) Single Codomo Dragons 11th single; comes in four editions. Info
12 DADAROMA Pornograph Single Comes in two editions. Info
12 GLAY SUMMERDELICS Album GLAY’s 14th album; comes in four editions. CDJapan
12 BREAKERZ Yumemonogatari (夢物語) Single Four type single release from BREAKERZ celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Includes Detective Conan anime ending theme. CDJapan
12 Ryutaro Arimura Arimura Ryutaro Kojin Sakuhin Shu 1996-2013 “Demo / demo” – Jikken Jyoen Kiroku Film DVD Follows Ryutaro Arimura’s first solo activities, including backstage of two concerts each held at Umeda AKSO and at Nagoya Bottom Line. CDJapan
12 MonstlloW MonstlloW (モンストロ) Mini-album MonstlloW’s first mini-album. CDJapan
12 Neverland DeadMAN Single Comes in three editions CDJapan
12 Blu-BiLLioN The Awakening of Revolution Single Blu-BiLLioN brings a single with the intro and outro songs for the movie Messiah Gaiden – Polar Night -. CDJapan
12 R-Shitei (R指定) Miwaku no Summer Killers
Single CDJapan
12 SCAPEGOAT Konsui (昏睡) Single Comes in four editions. CDJapan
12 Yumesleep Kagekui Makura (†かげくいまくら†) Single Yumesleep’s first single. CDJapan
19 S.Q.F Eternal Child Single CDJapan
19 DARRELL DEAD INSIDE Single DARRELL’s (new band by AI, former member of Deathgaze) first single. Info
19 ARCHEMI. Tenjo Tenge (天上天下) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 heidi Sunset Blue Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ Call Out / Alien Paradigm Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Shellmy (シェルミィ) Bokura no Grand Guignol (残酷激情) Album Shellmy’s first full album. CDJapan
19 jealkb IDENTITY Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 BY-SEXUAL Platinum Best BY-SEXUAL Album CDJapan
19 DAIDA LAIDA This is DAIDA Album Fourth album release from DAIDA LAIDA and its legendary singer NoB, well know for Saint Seiya anime opening and ending themes. CDJapan
24 Axkey 24/7 Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
26 AKi the MOMENT -HEADZ UP & DO IT! & Doom boombox Tour Live Documentary- DVD AKi’s (SID) second DVD featuring the final of HEADZ UP&DO IT! tour held at Zepp DiverCity and the final of Doom boombox tour held at Shinjuku BLAZE and more. CDJapan
26 LIPHLICH Yoki na Noir (陽気なノワール) Single CDJapan
26 Yusai (游彩) Ame (雨) Single Yusai’s second single. CDJapan
26 Ensoku (えんそく) Kinnyobi no Chainsaw / Tengoku e no Jusan Kaidan Single CDJapan
26 GREMLINS FLYAWAY Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
26 Xaa Xaa (ザアザア)  Maru to Batsu (◯と×) Single Comes in two editions. Info
26 NoGod Arlequin Single Includes four tracks. CDJapan
26 Himegoto (秘メ事) Uwasa (噂) Single CDJapan
26 LAYZis Soon Somu (想音創夢) Single LAYZis seventh single. CDJapan
26 LEZARD Manatsu no Junjo to Revolution (真夏の純情とRevolution) Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
26 Dendo Marionette (電動マリオネット) Rinne Densei (輪廻電性) Album CDJapan
26 DaizyStripper Again Single DaizyStripper’s first major debut single; comes in four editions. Info

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