It’s been only two months since Xaa Xaa released their first full album Fukou na Meiro, but that’s no reason for them to sit back. The band is really into thematic singles, decided that the theme must be “correct and false” this time. “Maru to Batsu” (◯と×) will be available in two versions from July 26!

In additional news, if you’re planning to attend Xaa Xaa’s event Ame Ame Ame Ame Ame together with the bands Neverland,  SCAPEGOAT, 0.1g no gosan (0.1gの誤算) and GRIMOIRE at Takadanobaba AREA on June 7, you can also try to get your hands on their first live DVD Hare Nochi Ame Nochi Kumori Nochi Arashi! Beware that this DVD will be sold at the venue and in limited quantity only!

There are no further details on the single nor DVD yet, but make sure to check the guys’ new look below.

Xaa Xaa Kazuki ○と×

Vocalist Kazuki (一葵)

Xaa Xaa Reiya ○と×

Bassist Reiya (零夜)

Xaa Xaa Haru ○と×

Guitarist Haru (春)

Xaa Xaa Roji ○と×

Drummer Roji (ロ弍)

◯と× (“Maru to Batsu”)

Edition A


  1. Maru to Batsu (◯と×)
  2. Kuroi Neko-chan (黒い猫ちゃん)


  1. Maru to Batsu (◯と×) -music video-
  2. Off shot

Edition B


  1. Maru to Batsu (◯と×)
  2. Kuroi Neko-chan (黒い猫ちゃん)
  3. Toumei Ningen (透明人間)

More info:
Official Website
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Twitter (Reiya (零夜))
Twitter (Roji (ロ弍))

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