Wasting no time at all with the release of Pornograph on July 12leading to new artist photo’s and a music video preview, now has DADAROMA revealing a song trailer for the new single!

The dramatic and emotion-ridden Pornograph is a relatively straight up rock song with the band’s signature sound. A strong number that doesn’t falter and can’t go wrong with.

Next is ballad Wakare no Uta, that is simple at best with nothing that really makes it stand out, while Chotto Okashina Renaikan is heavy, playful, and sinister with some chugging put in for good measure.

Listen to the previews and tell us what you think!

DADAROMA New Single 「ポルノグラフ」試聴


Regular edition Type B


  1. Pornograph (ポルノグラフ)
  2. Wakare no Uta (別れのうた)
  3. Chotto Okashina Renaikan (ちょっとおかしな恋愛観 )

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Limited edition Type A


  1. Pornograph (ポルノグラフ)
  2. Wakare no Uta (別れのうた)


  1. Pornograph (ポルノグラフ) Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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