Greetings, readers. I trust you all know what this post is for since you’re here. But, did you know that CDJapan is currently running a pretty sweet deal? No? Well then, allow me to quickly fill you in. All of the released CDs, DVDs, and BDs that you purchase between May 3 and May 7 (UTC+9) will net you an additional 10% of extra rewards points! And yes, that does include all of the releases that came out today. Unfortunately, that only covers a tiny fraction of releases this month, but it’s still a good deal; especially for anyone looking to catch up with older releases. Now, on to the list!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
03 Aimer BEST SELECTION “blanc” Album One of the parts from Aimer’s best-of selected songs. Info
03 Aimer BEST SELECTION “noir” Album The other part from Aimer’s best-of selected songs. Info
03 S.Q.F OTOKO-BAN – Hyakka Ryoran vs MMQ2016 – DVD Features S.Q.F’s two concerts both held at Shinjuku ReNY and each held on August 6 and December 24, 2016. CDJapan
03 CLear Yume Utsutsu (夢うつつ) Single CLear’s third single. CDJapan
03 Virge (ヴァージュ) UTOPIA Mini-album Virge’s first mini-album.
03 Zigoku Quartet (地獄カルテット) Getsuga No Jigoku Retsuden (月牙の地獄列伝) Album HMV
03 KISS the CROWN GRAND MENU Album KISS the CROWN’s first album. CDJapan
03 MEJIBRAY SM #2 Album Single collection. Info

EMPTINESS ERROR Mini-album DUALUZ’s first mini-album. CDJapan
03 Arlequin (アルルカン) 2016.4.02 Kizu x Tsukeru TOUR FINAL – Ketsubetsu – Akasaka BLITZ DVD Features Arlequin’s concert held on April 2, 2016 at Akasaka BLITZ. CDJapan
03 Arlequin (アルルカン) 2016.10.23 47 Todofuken ONEMAN TOUR FINAL – Kyokaisen – @ Zepp DiverCity DVD Features Arlequin’s concert held on October 23, 2016 at Zepp DiverCity. Also features a documentary on their nationwide tour in 2016. CDJapan
03 Reirei (麗麗) N G Y Single CDJapan
03 HIZAKI Crimsom Rose -JAPAN- DVD Includes tracks performed by HIZAKI carefully selected from his concert at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE on September 11, 2016. CDJapan
03 HERO “Best” -Time Capsule- HEROINE selection Album HERO’s first greatest hits album; comes in five editions. CDJapan
03 D’ERLANGER J’aime La Vie Album D’ERLANGER’s eighth album; comes in two editions. CDJapan
08 Moi dix Mois 15th Anniversary Collectibles Merch T-shirts and tote bag celebrating Moi dix Mois 15th anniversary. CDJapan
08 Mana (Moi dix Mois) 25th Aniversary Collectibles Merch T-shirts celebrating Mana’s 25th anniversary as a musician. CDJapan
10 THE BEETHOVEN CIRCUS CIRCUS Single THE BEETHOVEN’s first single in two years; comes in two editions. CDJapan
10 Bankitai (万鬼隊) Achillea (アキレア) Single Bankitai’s first single. CDJapan
10 GOTCHAROCKA SCREAMY Album GOTCHAROCKA’s the third album, produced entirely by the renowned composer, arranger and producer, etc., Hajime Okano. CDJapan
10 Gyakushu no Jisaku Jienya. (逆襲の自作自演屋。) Tasogare Koshinkyoku – Jisei no Uta – (黄昏行進曲~辞世の唄~) Single Gyakushu no Jisaku Jienya.’s first single. CDJapan
10 Pentagon (ペンタゴン) 2016.11.19 JAPAN TOUR FINAL & Minfa Birthday – Zekkyo – @ Yomiuri Land Nittere Lanlan Hall DVD Features Pentagon’s concert held on November 19, 2016 at Yomiuriland Nittere Ranran Hall. CDJapan
10 Pentagon (ペンタゴン) 2017.3.25 2nd ANNIVERSARY “Ui! Otsune! Segene! – We are CRAZY TRIBE -” @ SHIBUYA QUATTRO DVD Features Pentagon’s concert held on March 25, 2017 at Shibuya Quattro. CDJapan
10 SID Butterfly Effect Single SID’s 31st single; comes in three editions. CDJapan
10 LANTANA The Roots Single LANTANA’s second single. CDJapan
10 Jupiter Tears Of The Sun Mini-album CDJapan
10 KAMIJO Castrato Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
10 KAMIJO Tour 2014 “The Death Parade Final” The Empire of Vampire -2014.12.13 AiiA Theater Tokyo- DVD Features KAMIJO’s tour in 2014 “The Death Parade Final” The Empire of Vampire held at AiiA Theater Tokyo on December 13, 2014. CDJapan
10 Scarlet Valse Lunatic Mind Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
10 Aldious Unlimited Diffusion Album Aldious’ sixth album; comes in two editions. CDJapan
10 DER ZIBET 20 Seiki (20世紀) Album DER ZIBET’s first all-time greatest hits CD. Includes Neo Flower Moon recorded at a studio for the first time. CDJapan
10 cali≠gari 13 Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
17 umbrella Frontier Single umbrella’s fifth single. CDJapan
17 Anfiel Anfiel 2nd Anniversary Oneman Live “Lamplight&feel.-equal-“ DVD Feature’s Anfiel’s second anniversary one-man live. Info
17 IGGY Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ) Single CDJapan
17 SUGIZO (Luna Sea) TOKYO DECIBELS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Original soundtrack release of the film “Tokyo Decibels” by SUGIZO. CDJapan
17 Kizu (キズ) Oshimai (おしまい) Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
17 Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド) Kimi ga Yo wa (君が世は ) Single Merry Badend brings two single simultaneously. CDJapan
17 Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド) kiss me, girl, and your old one Single Merry Badend brings two single simultaneously. CDJapan
17 Schwarzkain (シュヴァルツカイン) Complex Album Second press version of Schwarzkain’s first album. CDJapan
21 Hakubishin (ハクビシン) Anata no Tomodachi (da to Omou Hito) ni Watashite mite Kudasai (アナタの友だち(だと思う人)に渡してみてください) Single Hakubishin’s first single.
24 CODMO DRAGON 8th Oneman Tour FINAL “Okami Otoko wa Moso wo Kuu.” – 2017.01.08 Zepp Diver City – DVD Features the final of Codomo Dragon’s 8th tour held at Zepp Diver City. CDJapan
24 Far East Dizain DIZAINERVE Mini-album Far East’ Dizain’s first mini-album. CDJapan
24 Sho Kiryuin (Golden Bomber) Oni Cover 90’s Album Sho Kiryuin brings a cover album. Comes with a DVD featuring his first solo concert held at Sendai PIT. CDJapan
24 KING Never End, Cry Single Features DIE (hide with Spread Beaver). CDJapan
24 Belle (ベル) Aishu Elegy (哀愁エレジー) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
31 Lux (ルクス) LOVELESS Single CDJapan
31 Ribelio Title is to be announced Single Ribelio’s third single. CDJapan
31 GE+IM Steroid (ステロイド) Single GE+IM’s first album. CDJapan
31 Mamireta (まみれた) Tabetai (食べたい) Single Mamireta’s first single. CDJapan
31 SAVAGE Watashi ga Kowareta Hi  (私ガ壊レタ日) Single CDJapan
31 Yeti Antitheses 2016-2017 “Tetsugaku.” at Daikanyama UNIT DVD Features the final of Yeti ONEMAN LIVE TOUR – Antitheses 2016-2017 “Tetsugaku.” held at Daikanyama UNIT on January 8, 2017. CDJapan
31 Yeti Howl (ハウル Mini-album Yeti’s sixth mini-album. CDJapan
31 Kenichi Fujisaki (Just-Nasty) LIVE ARCHIVES Vol.2 DVD CDJapan
31 lynch. SINNERS-EP Mini-album Features an all-star lineup of five bassists who each lend their talents to one song on the CD. Info

Feel free to leave corrections and missing releases in the comment section, and I will update the schedule as soon as possible.
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