It hasn’t been that far gone since we last wrote about lynch. and their website being updated with a countdown but now that time is up, the band has revealed that they decided to tour rather than release anything new.

This will consist of a one man at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST titled THE JUDGEMENT DAY on April 18, fan club exclusive performances in May titled TOUR’17 DEADLY DEEP KISSES -SHADOWS ONLY- with three dates in total and then embark on a nationwide tour taking them from near the start of June to the end of July.

Check out their new artist photos for the announcement below!


2017.04.18 (Tuesday) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST


2017.05.04 (Thursday) Akasaka BLITZ
2017.05.10 (Wednesday) Nagoya BOTTOM LINE
2017.05.12 (Friday) Umeda AKASO

Nationwide Tour

2017.06.09 (Friday) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
2017.06.17 (Saturday) Yonago AZTiC laughs
2017.06.18 (Sunday) Okayama YEBISU YA PRO
2017.06.20 (Tuesday) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
2017.06.22 (Thursday) Kumamoto Django
2017.06.24 (Saturday) Miyazaki SR BOX
2017.06.25 (Sunday) Oita DRUM Be-0
2017.06.27 (Tuesday) Yamaguchi LIVE rise SHUNAN
2017.06.29 (Thursday) Matsuyama Salon Kitty
2017.07.01 (Saturday) Kochi x – pt.
2017.07.02 (Sunday) Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE
2017.07.09 (Sunday) Yamanashi KAZOO HALL
2017.07.11 (Tuesday) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin Central VJ – 3
2017.07.12 (Wednesday) Mito LIGHT HOUSE
2017.07.15 (Saturday) Kitami Onion Hall
2017.07.16 (Sunday) Asahikawa CASINO DRIVE
2017.07.18 (Tuesday) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
2017.07.20 (Thursday) Hakodate club COCOA
2017.07.22 (Saturday) Aomori Quarter
2017.07.23 (Sunday) Akita Club SWINDLE
2017.07.25 (Tuesday) Sendai darwin
2017.07.27 (Thursday) HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ – 2
2017.07.29 (Saturday) Kanazawa AZ
2017.07.30 (Sunday) Toyama MARIO

Artist photo for ‘THE JUDGEMENT DAY’ performance

Alternative artist photo for ‘TOUR’17 DEADLY DEEP KISSES – SHADOWS ONLY’

More info:
Official Website
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