Just as promised, here’s our follow up coverage on UNDER FALL JUSTICE’s current status and their new single. Back in 2016, we informed you about guitarist Yukiya’s departure from the band. Fast forward to the present and they now have a support guitarist in SIN, a former member of La’mule and guitarist of the currently on hiatus CELL. He’s joined since January 9 and will support them during their free one-man live series in Tokyo, beginning on February 9 at Ebisu club aim.

As for their latest single, it’s called Kodoku (孤独), and it will be released on January 25. It comes in two editions, but the only differences between them are the DVDs, and that edition B is purchasable at live venues and the Starwave Records webstore only. Check out the previews below, and the band’s first official photos since becoming a four-piece band.

Vocalist Airo (愛郎)

Guitarist Syoma (渉真)

Bassist Akito (暁兎)

Drummer Jin (刃)

Support guitarist SIN

Kodoku (孤独)


Edition A


  1. Kodoku (孤独)
  2. Yubikiri (指切り)
  3. Risou to Genjitsu no Ketsumatsu wo (理想と現実の結末を)


  1. Kodoku (孤独) Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMVAmazon or Starwave Records Webstore 


Edition B


  1. Kodoku (孤独)
  2. Yubikiri (指切り)
  3. Risou to Genjitsu no Ketsumatsu wo (理想と現実の結末を)


  1. Risou to Genjitsu no Ketsumatsu wo (理想と現実の結末を) Music Video

Buy at Starwave Records Webstore

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