If the musicians composing this band were not enough reason for you, if the unsatisfactory 30 seconds preview was not enough, then Schwarz Kain will take your doubts away in their new music video for Moment Glow! The band, composed of former Tokami, VAASTU and LIV’ERT members, just uploaded the complete music video for their debut single, which has been out on sale since August 31.

As a reminder, the vocalist Izumi and both guitarist, Nagisa and Keisuke, are previous members of the long-lived Tokami, while the rhythm instrumentalists, bassist Ayaka and drummer Tomoya, are not familiar with the rest of the band.

Judging from this particular song we can tell that the style of Schwarz Kain is somewhat similar to Tokami’s sound. Obviously, the melodic and harsh vocals of Izumi are the same. The guitar work of the former Tokami guitarists gives the song its heavy tone, while Tomoya puts all his strength into the drumming. Due to this, Ayaka’s bass line does not stand out as much as it did in his previous band

Despite positive and not so positive things, Moment Glow is a pretty good start for Schwarz Kain in our opinion! But please tell us your own thoughts in the comment section below.

In other news, the band’s first one-man live sold out! Thus they will be having their second one-man live Mad World Vision on April 11 at Ikebukuro EDGE.


Promotional flyer of Schwarz Kain’s first one-man live. Sold out!

Moment Glow

schwarz kain moment glow cover

Regular edition 1620 yen


  1. Moment glow
  2. Kimi ga Egaku Ruriiro no Sekai (君が描く瑠璃色の世界)
  3. Envy

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