Here we are with a new Discover Jrock Bands edition bringing you three new interesting bands discovered by the JROCK NEWS staff. In this edition we will introduce you to Sick., VRZEL and KRAD.

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Sick. which stands by Screaming inside can kill, is a metal band formed this year in June by former SoniqRush vocalist Shiki and Mekakushi‘s guitarist Fuki. The rest of the members are Avel on bass, Takeshi on drums and Tsukasa on piano.

The band released a live-distributed single titled Pandora just a month after their debut and recently released their first mini-album titled Screaming inside can kill this past month. Their second mini-album 2117 is on the way as you can see in their promotional picture above. We will keep you updated on this release as soon as more details come to light.

Watch the beautiful music video for Rain. off their self-titled first mini-album:

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Official Website
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VRZEL is band with a very chaotic biography. The band was created in 2012, initially formed by Cion (紫音) on vocals, Ryouya (燎夜) on guitar, Kira (綺羅) on bass and Koto (琴) on drums.

Guitarist Iroha left in September 2014 after he went missing for a few days. Then, in 2015, their drummer decided to depart due to family reasons. And here comes the chaos. In early 2016, the three remaining members of the band decided to depart. However, they did not announce a disbandment or a hiatus but left a countdown on their official website instead stating that they would finish the next day.

Twenty-four hours later, it was announced that two new members would join the band, guitarist Kuu (玖) and drummer Shikina (色梛). The three original members also announced that they had changed their stage names.

By now, the band released four singles and one mini-album. Their second mini-album is set to be released this month.

Find the band’s newest music video below, SLANDER:

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KRAD was formed this past year in April by vocalist Sou, guitarist Mayu, bassist Yuu and drummer Mitsume, all previous members, now under a new stage name, of short-lived band SHEDIA.

So far, the band released four singles and two mini-albums. Their music videos are unfortunately no longer available, as the band has recently departed from their record label rinkakuRecords, consequently deleting both their website and YouTube account. Visit the band’s newly created website and follow them at their new YouTube account.

Take a look below at the preview for their upcoming live-limited single SKELET, which will be out on December 15:

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Official Website
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Twitter (Mayu)
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Twitter (Mitsume)

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