nano got some ambitious plans for the upcoming year. The year of 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of nano creating excellent music professionally since the debut album nanoir, released back in 2012. But before entering the year of Rooster, nano already started laying groundwork for the final enigmatic phase, a music video titled DREAMCATCHER which is now available to stream on YouTube, it will however not go on sale until November 2 later this year. Currently we know that another single will be released in February next year, an album in May, then a nation-wide tour in the summer. The last phase is however not specified. For now, all we know is that more information will be “coming soon”, as stated on the official website.

DREAMCATCHER is a starry and beautiful looking music video accompanied with nano’s warming voice, along with catchy drums that keep the song in motion. You may also find DREAMCATCHER featured as the ending theme song in the fantasy anime Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku starting next month. B-side tracks include DARE DEVIL, the main theme song for the mobile app game Hokago Girls Tribe, and bittersweet, a collaboration tracks with comico’s popular web manga Cacao 79%.

See the upcoming plans in the image below:

nano's fifth anniversary plans, the last one is yet to be reveled.

nano’s fifth-anniversary plans, the last one is yet to be revealed.

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  2. HolloWorld
  3. DREAMCATCHER Instrumental
  4. HolloWorld Instrumental

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  2. bittersweet
  3. DREAMCATCHER Instrumental
  4. bittersweet Instrumental

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