ONE OK ROCK have certainly made that big step towards the American market, and if their constant touring all over American soil with rock band 5SoS isn’t enough to impress you, then perhaps their taking part in a My Chemical Romance tribute album will.

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of My Chemical Romance‘s tremendously successful album, The Black Parade (seriously, if you don’t know this album, then calmly, but quickly, proceed to exit the huge rock under which you live in), many bands from around the world have taken part in a tribute album in which they cover a song from the aforementioned album. Bands like Twenty-one Pilots, Escape the Fate, and Asking Alexandria are a few of the bands that have taken part in this album, and ONE OK ROCK had the chance to cover the very first song in the album, namely the ironically titled song, The End.. The staple song of this album, the one that launched My Chemical Romance into stardom, Welcome to the Black Parade, will be covered by the band Crown the Empire. You can find the entire tracklist here.

This album will be releasing on September 14, and you can already pre-order it worldwide at RockSound‘s website if you are interested in purchasing the album.

My Chemical Romance has recently made fans’ hearts stop beating with several rumours of a reunion, as they disbanded back in 2013. Could this tribute album mean something?

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