It was announced a few weeks ago that Develop One’s Faculties would be releasing their fourth single titled Mura on July 13 however it’s only now that we can get an idea of how the music video will look, how the other tracks will sound and what kind of garments they are wearing this time.

Check out all of this and more below!

Develop One's Faculties Mura yuya Individual Artist Photo

Asserter yuya

Develop One's Faculties Mura rui Individual Artist Photo

Guitarist rui

Develop One's Faculties Mura detto Individual Artist Photo

Bassist detto

Develop One's Faculties Mura Johannes Individual Artist Photo

Drummer Johannes


Regular edition 1389 yen


  1. Mura (斑)
  2. 100nenmae Kara Konnichiwa (100年前から、こんにちは.)
  3. Kono Sekai ga Kirai na Hito e (この世界が嫌いな人へ)

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