Yesterday, BABYMETAL made its U.S. television debut with a special appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the girls successfully had the audience present cheering loudly for them. After Stephen Colbert, the host of the show, stated that he wasn’t sure what he was about to see, albeit he was excited about it nonetheless, he introduced the trio, who then proceeded to play Gimme Chocolate!!, which drove the audience crazy. A lot of the people there were already fans of BABYMETAL, so their positive reception was expected. Their performance was significantly less energetic than those in their actual live concerts due to the limited space, but regardless of that, the girls gave a great performance. It would have been nice if they had played KARATE or another more recent song of their, but alas, that was probably an external decision not under the girls’ jurisdiction.

American fans were very supportive of the girls, even waiting outside the show’s studio to see the girls off and congratulate them after their performance.

Babymetal leaving the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show is a very popular talk show in America due to its comedic skits on political issues and other relevant topics, guest stars, and its over-all talk show format, making this an extremely great chance for BABYMETAL to reach a wider audience in the U.S.. Let’s hope BABYMETAL’s popularity soars after this!

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