A lot of you seemed to have enjoyed Ryo of girugamesh’s recent music cover Unravel, a song originally composed by TK from ling tosite sigure. In this cover, Ryo used a voice changer to allow himself to sing in a higher pitch, while also altering his voice to better imitate the the original song.

Ryo is using the plugin "AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition" to alter his voice.

Ryo is using the plugin “AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition” to alter his voice.

For one YouTuber who blindly enjoyed Ryo’s pretty face in make-up, rather than focusing on the content itself, was fooled into thinking Ryo was a girl.


“Who is the girl? (Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes Emoji) I love this cover (Love Heart Emoji)”

This quickly got Ryo himself to respond in humorously and raging manner, stating:


“I am a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. That’s 20 exclamation marks right there!

Simple and straight forward answer, though, the commenter insisted the he/she was already aware of the fact that Ryo is a man. Then continued the jargon by rephrasing the question (to preserve some dignity?), but instead making himself/herself look even more foolish:


“I know, but I mean the female voice”.

So, at the end of the day, the moral of the story is simply:

If you want senpai to notice you, make him rage. 

That sounds about right.

You can watch the Unravel cover video down below:

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