Takanori Nishikawa, the frontman of T.M.Revolution, joins forces with the fast-food giant McDonald’s to create a delectably enchanting commercial. This collaboration serves as a comedic lyrical parody of Takanori’s best-selling single WHITE BREATH, used as the theme song to promote the seasonal return of the savory Beef Stew Pie, available this year since December 6.

Instead of the song title “WHITE BREATH”, the parody title can loosely be interpreted as “How do you express your love for this pie?”.

The TV commercial captures a snowy scene in a hilltop park where a woman, after taking a bite of the Beef Stew Pie, is surprised by a sudden snowstorm. In the midst of the storm, Takanori passionately sings the parody lyrics, asking, “In this freezing season, how do you express your love for this pie?”.

Towards the ends of the commercial, the Japanese lyrics “Pai wa, ai da” are highlighted, which strategically are arranged to create a rhyme between “Pie” (Pai) and “Love” (Ai).

Taking some liberty in its expression, it’s effectively “Pie’s allure, my love’s pure”, emphasizing Takanori’s pure love for this pie.

As for the alluring pie itself, it is described by McDonald’s as:

This perfect fit for winter pie enjoyed great success last year and is back again this year!

Crispy pastry packed with beef stew that’s bursting with flavor from the slow cooked beef, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables in a rich fond de veau sauce. A hot pie for those times when you need a little something extra with your meal, or you need a warm, comforting moment.

As an additional bonus, an extended version of the commercial was recently shared on the Japanese McDonald’s X (formerly Twitter) account. You can also catch some behind-the-scenes over at THE FIRST TIME’s coverage.

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T.M.Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa):