The last time we heard from chariots, all the members had left the band apart from Riku, who then turned it into a solo project. For a while, it seemed that all activities were halted when he went on to be the vocalist for LIN -the end of corruption world- before leaving the band.

It has now been revealed that chariots have come back as a four member band but with new members, some of whom you may recognise, such as guitarist KAZ (ex. VII-SENSE, GENGAH), Jin (ex. UnsraW, SHAPE SHIFTER) and Mikage (ex. VII-SENSE, Juka, HIZAKI Grace Project, KISAKI PROJECT). The bands older discography cannot be found anywhere on the new site so rebirth is definitely an appropriate name for it.

With this, they have also announced their first single, Toge Toga (棘咎), to be released on February 2nd, containing one song which you can only obtain it from Like an Edison stores and is in limited copies. The band will also hold their first live on April 4th at Ikebukuro Edge, titled “chariots presents more glitch reception vol.1.”

chariots Rebirth Riku 戮 Individual Artist Photo

Riku (戮) (Vocals)

chariots Rebirth KAZ Individual Artist Photo

KAZ (Guitar)

chariots Rebirth Jin 迅 Individual Artist Photo

Jin (迅) (Bass)

chariots Rebirth Mikage 美景 Individual Artist Photo

Mikage (美景) (Drums)

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