Sad news keeps pouring in lately, and the most recent one comes from DISGUST, who sadly decided to part ways after the coming gig in March. Before saying goodbye, the band will release one last single LOKAPALA, on February 15. If you’re around the area of Nishishinsaibashi, Osaka on the release date, make sure to head to the live concert DISGUST will be holding for a chance to purchase their last single!

The official message from the band’s website, interpreted by JROCK NEWS:

Thank you for your continued support of DISGUST. It’s a little sudden but we have an important announcement to make. It has been decided that DISGUST will disband this March after the sponsored event ‘When I filled’ on March 24 at Osaka RUIDO. We deeply apologise for this decision, which is a result of repeated discussion regarding the members’ individual futures. DISGUST will continue to give our all until then, so please continue to support us until the end.

It’s sad to see a band with potential fade away, especially when they could easily have made an impact in the western/international visual kei scene, if they at least just put more effort into releasing their work digitally.



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