We are announcing a new single release from the band Rave (レイヴ) who have been very active this year! We can start by counting the live-distributed single, one mini-album and three singles including this upcoming release.

The new single is titled Subcult (サブカル) and will be released very soon, on December 2. Like their previous single, there will also be two editions available, both containing the same tracklist. On top of the standard tracklist, the limited edition will include the music video for the title track and the making of. Check out the preview above and tell us if you are going to purchase this edition!

The members will be dressed up like this:

Rave Subcult Len

Vocalist Len (レン)

Rave Subcult nisa

Guitarist nisa

Rave Subcult mikuru

Guitarist Mikuru (みくる)

Rave Subcult you

Bassist You (悠)

Rave Subcult nagi

Drummer Nagi (凪)

Rave Subcult tpye b

Subcult (サブカル)

Edition A 1,200 yen


  1. Subcult (サブカル)
  2. Nostalgic (ノスタルジック)

Buy at HMVCDJapanAmazon or PSC Webshop

Rave Subcult tpye a

Subcult (サブカル)

Edition B 1,800 yen


  1. Subcult (サブカル)
  2. Nostalgic (ノスタルジック)


  1. Subcult (サブカル) Music video
  2. Subcult (サブカル) Making of

Buy at HMVCDJapanAmazon or PSC Webshop

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