Jupiter disclosed some sad news on their official website today, revealing the unfortunate announcement of two members departing. Bassist MASASHI and drummer YUKI are the ones to depart, but will keep up activities until April 29, 2016, where they’ll perform their tour final and last show at Shinjuku ReNY.

Both members have posted their personal message to the fans, warmheartedly explaining that they came to this decision to further grow as a musician, by taking on other challenges.


I have come to the conclusion of leaving Jupiter after considering how to take the right balance between playing with Jupiter and expanding my work as a bass player. For me, causing my fellow members problem is the last thing I want to do. I have experienced a lot and grown up a lot as a bass player since the beginning of this band in the inspiring music, the exciting shows and all the rich moments with my fans all over the world. I’m absolutely filled with gratitude for my fans and my crew for their love and endless support for me.

I’ll keep playing bass guitar and music after my farewell to Jupiter. I hope all of my fans will keep a warm eye on me in addition to their continuous support and love for Jupiter.

Thank you.


I have decided to leave Jupiter to be able to expand my own musical activities and challenge my potential as a drummer. That said, I’m going to pour all my energy to every single performance until my last show with Jupiter on 29 April 2016.

All the experiences and knowledge I learned in these 3 years are nothing but my precious treasure. All my fans, my crew and my fellow member of Jupiter, thank you so much for everything. I hope your continuous support and love for Jupiter from now on.

Thank you.




Drummer YUKI

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Source: http://jupiter.jp.net/news/2015/11/19/900/

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