Develop One’s Faculties are ready to take the big step with the announcement of their first full length album after only releasing two singles since their formation!

Currently, there are only two things we know about this album, its title and its release date. The title given to this album is reincarnation, and you can already start saving your money because the release date has been set really close, it is on October 28!

In other news, Develop One’s Faculties will celebrate their second one-man live c=299792457m/s at Ikebukuro Edge by the end of the year, on December 20.

2nd One-Man LIVE “c=299792457m/s”
Place: Ikebukuro EDGE
Date: 2015.12.20 (Sun)
Time: Open: 17.30 / Start: 18:00
Tickets: Advance: 3,000 / Day: 4,000
Purchase @ e-plus

More info:
Official Website

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