A new announcement recently made over at R-Shitei’s official website brought light to their fourth upcoming album! And it is finally coming out in October! Sadly, no further details has been made available for the time being.

Since the release of their latest album VISUAL IS DEAD, they have released five singles in total—including a double A side single—and each single has been quite different from one and the other. So if we were to see a lot of them included in the new album, expect a messy and inconsistent album.

If that’s not the case, and we instead see an album with mainly newly recorded songs, I would still prepare for an album that’s way different from VISUAL IS DEAD; speaking of which, also had a lack of fluency, primarily because of the many singles they have included in it. However, assuming the upcoming album will be based on the musical style that Last Rain (from VISUAL IS DEAD) delivered, then this might something I personally really going to enjoy, since I’m very satisfied with their recent singles.

These are of course only hypothesis, and I don’t expect them to come true as the band just released Suicide Memories (スーサイドメモリーズ) back in June, leaving them without time to compose such amount of new material.

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