After successfully reaching twice the amount of their crowfunding project, A9 has now released more material from their upcoming mini-album “Ginga no Woto” that is expected to be released in August this year.

Uploaded on their Youtube channel is two new videos, one video exposing the behind-the-scenes and another showing off the music video’s projection art from one single point of view. You’re probably very familiar with other rock bands using this projection method as well, since it can be a lot more convenient and also better looking than purely relying on chrome key (green screen). Of course, this method is not a replacement but rather an alternative, but I digress.

On schedule right now, more information should have been released about their current progress of the new music video which they began filming in April. Unfortunately I’m not informed about those details.


アリス九號.「Phoenix」(Projection Mapping Ver.)

More info:
Official Website

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