If you are a fan of Destrose or Light Bringer, then this piece of news might make your day. Let’s start with introductions: Mardelas is a heavy-metal band formed only last year as a solo project by ex-Destrose’s vocalist Marina, supported by Guitarist Oikawa Kikyo from Screaming Symphony and Hibiki from Light Bringer on bass. Eventually, the solo project would move on to becoming the full-fledged band, Mardelas, with the addition of Yumi on drums, also from Light Bringer.

They released their debut single Daybreak/Phantasia on November 5, last year, and now released their debut album, Mardelas I, this past April 22nd. It is available for purchase on CDJapan.

Following the release of their debut album, they will embark on a rather short promotion tour starting May 23, with three dates only, with the tour final being held at Ruido K2 in Shibuya.

I must admit I was never into Destrose nor Light Bringer, but this band sounds promising. Definitely worth it to keep an eye out for this band.

[Mardelas I]
01. Eclipse
02. D.D.C.
03. Daybreak
05. DEEP-G
06. Hyperfly
07. Waves
08. Phantasia
09. Amnesia
10. Scapegoat
Mardelas – Mardelas I
Purchase @ CDJapanMore info:
Official Website


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