Visual-kei band Zonbi has announced their brand new member, Reika! Reika is a drummer, and officially joined the band after being a support member for less than a month. Zonbi’s previous drummer left the band to completely retire form the music industry on February 6, and Reika was their support drummer until February 28, when he officially joined.

But that is not all! Zonbi is back better than ever with the announcement of not one, but two new CDs! Their first release is their first single “shineba ii no ni“, which will release on June 3. The other release will be a compilation album, titled “fuhaishuu” and will hit the shelves on July 22. Unfortunately, details on the latter CD have not been revealed and purchase links on the June single are not yet available.

Zonbi – shineba ii no ni
01. shineba ii no ni
02. living dead march
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