Drummer Amano Tatsuya from the metalcore band Crossfaith, has entered the role of support drummer for the world-renowned group YOASOBI. Tatsuya marked his debut appearance as a support member during YOASOBI’s headline performance at the “Clockenflap” festival in Hong Kong on December 1.

YOASOBI is known for their story-driven music, as exemplified by the viral song Yoru ni Kakeru (夜に駆ける, Racing into the Night), in addition to a plethora of anime theme songs like Idol for the supernatural show, Oshi no Ko.

For those who have purely followed Crossfaith’s activities, it might not have been obvious, but Tatsuya has built up a prominent profile within the anime music scene. His contributions extend from theme songs in anime like Terra Formars, to providing support drums for the artist behind the viral track unravel, namely TK from ling tosite sigure.

You might also be aware that Crossfaith created the theme song Soul Seeker for the action anime “Souten no Ken: Regenesis 2nd Season”, which we had the chance to delve into during our interview with Crossfaith.

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