The powerhouse band, THE LAST ROCKSTARS, regrettably announced that their Los Angeles performance has been rescheduled due to “unforeseen circumstances”. This was the band’s sole US show in their fall 2023 “Psycho Love” tour, and was also supposed to be available for live viewing in cinemas nationwide in Japan.

Initially planned for November 29 at the YouTube Theater, the concert is now set for August 29 next year instead. On top of the adjusted date, the band promises additional international dates to make its way in the future.

Expressing his sincere apologies, the band leader and drummer YOSHIKI stated:

We’re very very very sorry for the inconvenience. We owe it to our fans to give them the best possible show every time. We’ll do our best when we come back next year.

Ticket holders of the November 29 concert should be receiving more information from Live Nation in the next coming days.

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