At the upcoming autumn convention “M3” on October 29, Sennzai will be unveiling her eighth album, REPELACHE, and you can catch her at booth “え-10b”. As a prerelease offering, she has made the album’s third track, Prologue Yori (“Prologueより。”, “From the Prologue”), available for digital purchase in advance.

If you’re new to Sennzai’s euphoric voice, Prologue Yori provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the impressive range and skillful vocal styling that Sennzai has to offer. Prologue Yori, in particular, blends a pop-infused charm with a hint of cuteness, yet beneath the surface, you’ll uncover a depth of sentimentality woven into the melodies.

Catch Prologue Yori‘s music video right here.

【MV】Prologueより。 / Sennzai

The album’s production and vocals are credited to Sennzai, with music and lyrics composed by Aira. The artwork was crafted by gaku, and the music video was produced by Palf.

Based on the information on Sennzai’s Twitter, she mentioned that we can hopefully expect more information on the album later this week, and encourages fans to listen to Prologue Yori in the meantime.

In addition to her album release, Sennzai is collaborating with other circles (groups) who will be present at M3. These collaborations include her participation in Aintops’ concept album Heartfelt, with Sennzai featured on the track Keep it up, and Renge Houdo’s CD, Nobody can KILL me, where Sennzai contributes to the track Dualistic Stars.

About Sennzai

Sennzai possesses a distinctive falsetto voice that, once heard, is unforgettable. She skillfully employs a multitude of voices, making them sound like different characters across various songs, transcending the boundaries between reality and virtuality while unleashing unique melodies.

If you want to learn more about Sennzai, check out our interview, where we discuss Sennzai’s 10-year-long journey as an artist. We also touch on her influences, experiences in the doujin music scene, her journey in self-production, and her aspirations to connect with fans worldwide.

About M3

Music Media-Mix Market, or “M3”, is an event founded by volunteers from circles (groups) that create music and “audio dramas”. It was established with the desire to create a space for the creators of their own works and to foster connections with other circles.

M3 focuses on organizing marketplace events centered around audio, video, and multimedia, with the goal to create a platform that fosters closer connections between creators and consumers.

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