The ever-eclectic and experimental PALEDUSK offer a feast of the senses with its exciting new music video RUMBLE, featuring vocalist Masato from coldrain. The highly anticipated music video was released on October 16 and is the latest notch in the belt of the world’s new favorite metalcore band.

The video for RUMBLE though is perhaps one of the most poignant in the band’s career. Never shying away from interesting and over-the-top video concepts, this one seems to echo a truly personal sentiment. A message to artists to not let society, family, and other external pressures kill the dreams and creativity of our inner child rings throughout.

Paledusk / RUMBLE feat. Masato from coldrain (Official Music Video)

In a smattering of color and visual effects, the band not only reintroduces themselves, but also shows the struggle of its journey to claim true artistic freedom. Now, though, they are both figuratively and literally in the video soaring, passing on the message to other artists to not give up. Masato from coldrain also makes an appearance in a stunning forest scene, showing the strength of this collaboration.

If you like the new music video, feel free to also grab RUMBLE as a single, which was made available on October 4.

PALEDUSK have time and time again shown they are one of the most interesting newer artists to burst onto the metalcore scene. RUMBLE further solidifies the call to make sure you keep an eye on what they are up to next.

Currently, PALEDUSK is touring the US with Australian metalcore titans Polaris. The band has spent the year across festival circuits and winning over the hearts of European heavy music fans. Not only with its own music, the band has been making its mark across the entire genre; guitarist Daisuke also produces music for big names such as the British rock band, BRING ME THE HORIZON, and American rapper, Lil Uzi Vert.

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